The sea, the sand, the breeze... Connect with nature

Practicing yoga with Cascais Yoga by the Sea feels like warm sunshine spreading happiness inside your heart. As one of the largest yoga companies in Cascais & Estoril areas, we have grown a large following of people from all over Cascais to experience the light of Yoga events and yoga retreats right by the seaside. We have created inclusive transformative yoga experiences that invite you to revel in the joys of nature and the simplicity of life. We guide you through spiritual awareness, physical health, connectedness and an appreciation for life. So roll your mat out or beach towel onto on the sparkling sand of Cascais beaches to experience our teachings and also to share these special moments with each other. The satisfaction after these classes, linger for days!


If you are thinking yoga is “for spiritual people only”, or for people who really want to focus on themselves and “dig deep.”  Yoga is definitely really for everyone and you can make it your own. We have created a space for people where they feel welcomed and surprised by an experience that inspires them for days and weeks to come. We want you to know that you in fact deserve time to play, explore and can give your busy minds a rest. We hope to inspire people to feel as if “I want to take this kindness, patience, and grace off my mat and into my life...



" it’s not just a practice on the mat, it’s a way of life "


+351 932 560 967




+351 932 560 967

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